Active members of the congregation are encouraged to plan their wedding to take place at Wekiva Presbyterian Church.

Recently, Wekiva Presbyterian Church has modified its wedding policy to permit a limited number of weddings of non-members during the year, as well.

The staff of Wekiva Presbyterian Church is eager to help make your wedding a lovely and meaningful event, and can provide you with specific guidelines. Because the church receives many wedding requests, these guidelines are necessary to facilitate planning.

If you are a Wekiva member and are contemplating a wedding in the Sanctuary, please speak directly with one of the ministers before you begin your planning. If you are not a church member, we suggest you telephone the church office at 407 869-1608, and speak with the church secretary about beginning your planning.

A wedding will not be placed on the church calendar unless the minister schedules it (and not until the church office has subsequently determined that the date requested is available). In every season there are some dates that are never available, including the Saturdays before Easter, Christmas and New Year's Day.

If you are not a member of Wekiva but hope to have a wedding at some other location, you may telephone to ask a minister to consider officiating at your wedding. Such decisions are made entirely at the ministers' discretion.

It is essential for prospective brides and grooms to follow these guidelines and plan well in advance.


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