Pledging & Tithing Instructions

Wekiva's Online Giving System Takes the Hassle Out of Tithing!

You probably already knew that Wekiva Presbyterian Church is set up for online donations. But did you know that you can go online right now and complete your 2017 pledge card? Did you know in about 2 minutes you can schedule a year of monthly tithes to automatically be billed to your credit or debit card? You can! It is fast and easy and you are in full control to make changes during the year. Set up takes only a few minutes. See the step-by-step directions below.

Step #1 Click the Red and Gold Donate Button at the top of this page.

Simply click the Red and Gold button to access Wekiva's Online Giving System. For the technical...You may see mention of That is fine. The company providing the online giving service to Wekiva is EasyTithe.

Step #2 Click the First Time Button to set up your Wekiva Giving Account.

Once you've reached the log-in page for Wekiva's Online Giving System, click the First Time Button to begin setting up your account on our system.

Step #3 Fill out the short registration form

This is a one-time registration form so we know who you are. Be sure to select a very secure password. If the system allows it, do at least 8 characters. FYI... The most secure passwords include both upper and lower case letters, numbers, and special characters like $, ! or * in them.

Step #4 Log-in to the Giving System

Once you have completed the registration, you may have to login to the Wekiva Online Giving for the first time. If so, from the Login Page, login using your email and the password you created.

Step #5 Navigate to the My Account page and Click Make a Pledge

Click the button that says My Account on the left side of the page. Then click the Make A Pledge Text in blue.

Step #6 Fill out the My Pledge section

Assuming you are starting this for January 2017 put that date in the Beginning month, Put in the pledge amount (the amount you wish to pledge for the whole year). For the fund... Please pick General Fund. This is our unrestricted fund. If you pick a different fund, the money is restricted and can only be used for that specific purpose. Pick General Funds for your tithes.

Next, select the By End Of Month... December 2017.

The two check boxes are if you plan to do your tithing through this online system. If you do your tithing through the system it will let you know how you are doing. If you are just filling out your pledge card online and don't plan to use the online system, then uncheck both boxes.

Be sure to click the Submit Pledge button.

If you are just planning to complete your "pledge card" online, you can ignore step #8. However, if you want the easiest and lowest hassle way of tithing, complete step #8... It is a one page short form and you can have all your tithes automatically charged to your credit card each month. No more remembering envelopes, Fill out the 2 minute form and your tithe commitment is handled for the year.

Oops! getting a little ahead of ourselves. Let's finish step #7 the online pledge card first...

Step #7 Click Schedule Giving and Fill out the Form

Thanks for going the distance. When you see this working, you'll be glad you went with online giving.

Again, for the fund... Please pick General Fund.

Fill out how often you want the charge. We recommend monthly. Wekiva gets charged a small amount for every transaction. So, the fewer the transactions the better. Also, there is no need to do weekly as your credit card company will only bill you once a month.

For the amount, basically take your pledge and divide by 12 to come up with the monthly amount. The finance people would like me to mention they would greatly appreciate a little extra to cover the credit card processing. EasyTithe and the credit card folks charge us 3% of the gift amount +.39 per transaction. Not saying you have to cover that. You don't have to. We are thrilled to have your support in whatever amount you choose.

Last step, fill out your Card Information and click the Activate Schedule button. You can set it up now to take effect in January 2017. The charges won't start until the date you selected.

Very Important: You have to click Activate the Schedule for the charging to start. Please remember to do that.

That's it! Is the campaign activated? If so, that's all you need to do for now. Thank you so much for supporting Wekiva. We appreciate your generosity.

How does it feel to have your tithes handled for the year? Pretty good we hope. We hope it gives you peace knowing that you don't have to remember the envelope and you can go on vacation and your commitment to the church is taken care of.

If you like the Wekiva Giving System, we hope you will encourage others to use the system as well. It seems like such a small thing... Automating your giving. However, setting up your account online really helps the church in many ways like being able to see what is coming in for the planning and budgeting process. You definitely did your good deed for the day.


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