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All who wish to move into God's future are discovering that Wekiva Presbyterian Church will take you there. Wekiva is a church the way church was meant to be! -- enriching and personally rewarding, and most importantly, centered on the love, grace and service to be found in our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Church of Jesus Christ has often been likened to a ship. Wekiva is like that -- your beautiful ship of faith, crossing to great places of discovery and activity. On board is a once in a lifetime adventure: The wonderful, abundant life Jesus promises! Wekiva will take you to some of the world's most fascinating places, whether studying the journeys of the first apostles, or following their footsteps as together we do the Word, the work and the will of God, today.

Because Wekiva is committed to Christ, here you have every opportunity to explore all aspects of your Christian discipleship, experience meaningful worship, discover new faith insights, and sample the many ways you can make a difference, in Jesus' name. Wekiva is a great home-base for your faith, with many choices for everyone in your household.

On Sundays, there is a full range of worship, education and fellowship for every age. During the week, there are classes and mission opportunities, sacred music groups, caring ministries, and mission activities impacting our community.

Wekiva is just the right kind of a church. Large enough to offer all the resources and services you expect; yet, intimate enough to be a church where warm, meaningful friendships are easily made and lastingly lived. And Wekiva is bold enough to look to the future with excitement and anticipation.

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